Thursday, November 26, 2020

Document Your Business and Technical Processes with MkDocs

If you thought documenting your business processes and application code was too hard or tools were too expensive, you should check out the FREE Python based MKDocs offering.

What a great way to start documenting all your company's common business knowledge in one place.

MkDocs is an open source Python static site generator for creating documentation using simple Markdown based text documents. Simply edit your MarkDown content files and they are available to anyone in the company who has access to the site.

No database required.

This is a quick way to establish one or more departmental knowledgebases with shareable business and system process documentation.

An MkDocs project directory structure could also be turned into a git project if desired so the entire site would be versioned in a git repository.

I created a quick getting started guide for IBM i, but MkDocs works on any platform.

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