Monday, September 02, 2019

Windows 10, SSH and VS Code - Nice !!

As I start to use SSH more and more to access remote IBM i and Linux systems and also use VS Code and other editors with IBM i and Linux I am always looking for ways to make life easier when accessing a remote system and running commands. Ideally I like to work from one user interface if possible.

Unfortunately VS Code doesn't have a built-in SSH client or terminal. In my case I typically use putty or MobaXterm as my go to SSH client in Windows 10. 

As I started experimenting more with VS Code I found out that Code can work with add-ins like SSH FS to access remote file systems and edit directly. This is invaluable for editing files from a remote system. 

However to run bash commands or IBM i system commands on a remote system still required putty or MobaXterm, until I found out that I can use open ssh from the command line terminal in VS Code. And I also found that Windows 10 now has a built-in SSH client and server which means I can initiate a remote SSH session from the Command Prompt or from the VS Code terminal Window. 

This means when I am working remotely with an IBM i or Linux system I can now connect to an SSH file system with SSH FS and I can also issue commands in a terminal session as well. Too bad there's not a 5250 interface for VS Code.

Have fun with this and check out the following article link on using ssh in Windows

Also check out this article on setting up to use VS Code with IBM i.

And remember that it's now easier than ever to use SSH with Windows 10. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

QUSER Session Recording - Mono on IBM i - The Port to AIX and IBM i

QUSER Session Recording - Mono on IBM i - The Port to AIX and IBM i

Check out this video of Calvin Buckley's session and learn how Mono was ported to run .Net natively on IBM i

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Interesting List of Queueing Apps

There are many queueing systems out there. Each one of them is different and was created for solving certain problems. This page tries to collect the libraries that are widely popular and have a successful record of running on (big) production systems.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Building Out The .NET Stack Around Mono for IBM i

Check out this article from IT Jungle on building out the .Net stack around Mono on IBM i. My favorite development platform is growing legs on IBM i.